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Open Data Scotland is a crowdsourced open data portal, aggregating open datasets across Scotland so it is searchable from one point of reference, and bringing some insight into the Scottish Open Data landscape at the same time. The project was born from a common complaint that the public don’t know where to find useable Open Data data, or that it takes a long time to find what they want, if they even find it at all.

A screenshot of the Street Sentinel app, displaying various stats and a map of road defects.

Street Sentinel

A project to repurpose data published by Aberdeen City Council to better visualise and understand how many reported road defects there are, and how long these take to fix.

OpenWasteMap screenshot


A web app which uses data from OpenStreetMap to display recycling centre locations, their accepted materials, materials specifically banned, and opening hours. This project was produced over two hackathons (CTC21/22) ran by the Code The City civic society. I have since worked on the open source project in my spare time as the lead developer on the codebase and maintain the openwastemap.uk site.